Pros and cons of downloading tv series

Why it is better to download tv series then watch them online? Many people would agree that online streaming is very easy and comfortable, and download series is dead. But each of the methods has it's pros and cons. Streaming is ok when you want to watch fast desired TV show, if you have a fast internet speed.

But when it comes to quality, to have a tv series direct download links is better, coz U can download it in FULL HD quality and watch on your 42 TV screen even with slow connection speed.

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My Boyfriend is a killer Sinopsys

Soon the will be a Premiere of ne Movie My boyfriend - killer (2016), filmed in the best traditions of militants. The plot of the new American film introduces viewers to the main characters - a young couple who are facing adversity that may seem insurmountable for the other, but the love is known to work wonders. From the first frame of the film, which you can download from viewers acquainted with a young beautiful girl. Everything about her is perfect, she is a good, clever from a wealthy family. But she has one drawback - she can not strike up relationships with the men. She goes on a date, but things on one of the two does not go. She tried many times to find a decent young man, but all her attempts were unsuccessful, and the novel ends, and not having time to begin. But the main character does not give up and do not stop trying to find a good man who would be her ideal match. And then, finally, luck smiles her - she meets a handsome young man. After the first dating young girl was fascinated by him. She could not think that this young man - the only one she had so long sought. But we all know that nothing is completely perfect, and our main character, which has its skeletons in the closet.

As it turned out later, the young man the main character is not quite the right way of life, which corresponds to the social ideal. He is a real professional assassin, the services of which are turning the main mafia. Of course, his work is related to the risk, but also why it is so high and is estimated. When the main character has learned the secret of her boyfriend, she was shocked. She could not believe her loving and gentle man can live a double life and it's time to kill other people. The main character has not been able to put up with the news, but her feelings for the young man took over. What will end the relationship of the main characters? whether she will be able to forgive your favorite? And what obstacles they have to overcome to be together?

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The Killing season 1 synopsis

The Killing season 1 is a TellySeries each new episode of which tells about the day of life of one woman whose name is Sarah Linden. This woman is a detective who works in the Seattle police. For the time being she is going to retire and move to California together with her son and fiancé. However, on the last day of her work there appears a new detective whose name is Stephen Holder.

Now they are required to investigate a crime together. It goes about the case when one finds bloody blouse and a credit card. It turns out that the Larsen couple has spent the weekend camping, but the daughter stayed at home. Nobody has seen her and with time police finds her body in the trunk. Sarah has to stay in order to investigate this case.

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